Help with course attempts!

Hi everyone I’m hoping someone can help. How can I set the number of attempts my learners have for a particular course?

I want them to have only 2 attempts to pass.

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Hi Samantha,

It depends on how the courses was assigned - whether it was through Course Assignment Rules, the Hierarchy Builder or if you assigned the course to an individual learner

If you did it through C.A.R click on the site management tab and go to the C.A.R page
then Click edit next to the rule you wish to change
You will see a tab called ‘Course Configs’ click there and this will bring up the page where you can change rules of that course including number of attempts

If you assigned the courses through your hierarchy builder click on the site management tab and go to your hierarchy
Click on the node you wish to change the rules for
Then click on the courses Icon image
This will bring up a list of all the courses assigned to that node in alphabetical order
Scroll to the course you wish to change and change away

And lastly if you assigned it to an Individual
Go to the Course tab and click Individual Course Allocation
Find the course you want to change the attempts for and click edit
This will bring up a pop up with all the course information, from here you change the rules

Hopefully this helps!

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Perfect thankyou! :grinning: