Latest solution changes and improvements

Good afternoon,

I hope you are all well and staying healthy! I just wanted to give you a quick update on some improvements and changes we published last Friday evening:

Certificates - for some customers their certificates were automatically going straight into archive. We have now fixed this issue.

New reports. Only company admin’s could previously apply filters, now all report users can apply filters

User Courses and User Course Modules Page Redesign. Both module and course pages need some relevant filters together with sorting and color-coded buttons (red if there is a failed date and green otherwise). All courses and modules with failed dates should be on top in the table by default.
The user courses modules page should only show assessments and not SCORM. All filters should work on both pages.

The new course catalogue redesign and build is going well. We look forward to releasing this innovative new design for your use in early Sep 20. Along with some exciting courses from some of our new 3rd party partners.

Thanks to all of those who provided positive feedback on the new Mobile App upgrade, appreciated. A big well done to all of those involved from a myAko and OV perspective, good job team!

Have a great week, warm regards, Kevin